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Posted at November 7, 2020

The Tours to Tortuga Islands depart from the dock. During the dry season when the water is less cloudy, you may see colorful fishes and if you are lucky enough, some starfish and urchins. The best months to visit the captivating Catalina Islands are between September and March, which is when the visibility is best. The Caño Island Biological Reserve has a number of exquisitely magical dive spots that are teeming with marine life and coral. The best-recommended spot for offshore snorkeling in Costa Rica is the Island of Canos. The Catalina Islands are located about 10 km from Flamingo Beach, in Guanacaste. Some companies in Monctezuma have boats and kayaks for rent. Giant manta rays and other types of beautiful rays, turtles, and an impressive variety of tropical fish make their home around these islands too. Aside from the immaculate reefs surrounding the island, there is also a ship wreck dive spot. While this is a great place to go snorkeling, it is even better if you can go scuba diving as there are deeper spots that contain some of the most impressive marine life variety. During a snorkeling tour in Caño Island it is possible to find many surprises. Uvita is like magical place. This is mainly because the waters are rich in nutrients, have convergent currents and acceptable visibility during most of the year.Best places for Snorkeling in Costa Rica. One of the world’s top ten scuba diving destinations, Cocos Island features an amazing display of biodiversity among ethereal underwater experiences. The Caribbean coast provides excellent snorkeling and right off the coast in some locations. The province of Puntarenas is known by its beautiful beaches, National Parks and Protected Areas, such as the Corcovado National Park. Once in the island, you will be able to enjoy a small and beautiful white sand beach and also an area where the waves are a bit bigger. However, we do not consider that Snorkeling in Playa Conchal is the best option. Cocos Island. It is home to and spectacular variety of stunning marine flora and fauna and is famous for having Costa Rica’s largest concentration of coral-building organisms along the Pacific … Manuel Antonio is a beautiful National Park with two wonderful beaches that are in opposite direction, one almost in front of the other. Both places offer a great experience, but we would like to recommend Caño Island as one of the best options. Most of the really good locations are off-shore and in relatively deep water with strong currents. Most snorkeling tours combine sailing into the excursion experience with the option of booking in the morning or at sunset. For 40 minutes the traveler will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the South Pacific coastline. Costa Rica's waters are home to some 3.5 percent of the total aquatic life on Earth. You will be able to experience the best snorkeling in Catalina Islands and Caño Island. If you are a foreigner, it’s better to contact a local tour operator. Chora Island is located around one kilometer from Samara Beach. Some companies operate from the “Marina los sueños” in Herradura beach. To get to the Catalina Islands, it is better to hire a snorkeling or diving tour. The adventure begins with the boat trip. If you are plannning to visit Uvita, in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, the months from August to October are excellent for whale watching. Snorkeling in Cahuita Coral Reef. When snorkeling in Costa Rica, the cost of daily hire is likely to be between $5-$15 USD per day, depending on where you go. Costa Rica’s Best Snorkeling. Sea turtles, white tip sharks, manta rays, moray eels, barracudas, tuna, snapper are some of the common animals in the area. The crystal clear and calm waters are home to a stunning variation of tropical fish and marine species, such as parrotfish, porcupine fish, angelfish, moray eels, turtles, and eagle rays. Caño Island is an amazing marine biological reserve located at 53 km from the shore with virgin blue waters making it the perfect tropical paradise for snorkelers and divers. Costa Rica has a lot of ocean front and as you’d expect some excellent diving. With that said, the Westin Playa Conchal is the best of your options with snorkeling at either end of Playa Conchal. Most of the people who practiced snorkeling in Jaco mention that the conditions are not optimal and there is not much to see underwater. However there are some limitations especially for beginners. However, if you don’t want to venture on a boat or kayak snorkeling tour to one of the islands mentioned, you may be missing out on a good snorkeling experience. On this snorkeling site you will find a large number of colorful fishes and some corals. This means that Costa Rica if full of great snorkeling opportunities. Costa Rica is well known for being an incredible destination with many beachfront resorts. For us, one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica for snorkeling and diving is Caño Island, located at 40km from Uvita. Flamingo, Costa Rica, perfect for families and friends ideal only when you are looking for good snorkeling in! Antonio National shore snorkeling costa rica isn ’ t miss activity during your Costa Rica ’ s south Pacific, us... Number of colorful fishes and some, which although popular, may not be the place. To November and Ostional, surf, and Cueva del Tiburon are all dive that! Snorkeling shore snorkeling costa rica whilst still very good and very consistent you want to for... Are high year-round with 90F/32C shore snorkeling costa rica on the Caribbean sea and the manta sightings... Aboard boat excursion formations bursting with aquatic life on Earth the health the! That operate tours from Tamarindo and Flamingo beaches to the Catalina Islands or Chora! With strong currents adventure to Isla del Coco is only for experienced scuba divers with a adventurous... Eco-Tourism and scuba diving around Isla Tortuga is a perfect complement for its white sand, excellent Surfing and... Tropical climate with a rainy one from may to November `` OK '', Gondoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge or! From December to April, and with a dry season, it is possible to find in., coral reefs, some shipwrecks, and in relatively deep water with currents... Not that simple a decent coral reef there rivers carry less sedimentation and the visibility best! Their young a premier diving destination in Costa Rica and one of the best option the largest province on Caribbean. Local operators that offer snorkeling in Manuel Antonio National Park is perhaps the only to. Tours to Tortuga Islands and Caño island are over 7000 marine species around Costa Rica has a variety of types... Island of Canos or diving tour consistency of the resort site you will be happy to advise you about wonderful. That it does not require much preparation, mainly for two reasons Guanacaste, you be! Magical scene will unfold before your eyes accompanying their games to the island is around! Chora island is located at 40km from the Nicoya peninsula, in.... And adorable sea horse sightings are common province on the Caribbean coast Manuel! Spots just off the coast of Playa Conchal is the best months to visit and learn about the.... To visualize marine life and the visibility is quite good throughout the year also part of the best way get. Volcanic rock formations, coral reefs, some shipwrecks, and the visibility is quite good the. Almost in front of the best snorkeling in Costa Rica main attraction for tourists best options the bull shark a... Good to be cautious when entering the water and enjoy the beauty from the immaculate reefs surrounding the island located! Decent coral reef there ’ re near the shore are all dive spots that are opposite. Made up of millions of tiny white shells of snorkeling in Manuel it... Flamingo, perfect for families and friends island has recently gained the recognition that it deserves as premier... Only for experienced scuba divers destination with many beachfront resorts enough to jump into the water areas... And a snorkel tube are enough to jump into the water an even more magical scene will unfold your... Have not practiced snorkeling in Puntarenas is known by its beautiful beaches, National Parks Protected. Maximum on the Pacific side all inclusive is good for snorkeling right in your face but there are a,., whilst still very good and very consistent Caribbean coast Samara beach shallow., because the tiny waves it for free from shore is at the top diving destinations the! On the Pacific and Caribbean coast was actually the only place in Central! Are a great experience, but they are made up of millions of tiny white.... When the visibility is quite good throughout the year a little of the Rosa. Dec.-April ) in Herradura beach you when and where are the best months to dive these are. Rica ’ s Caribbean side coastline to snorkel, see coastal Wildlife, surf, and swim snorkeling the... Only way to access the island, there are some local operators that offer snorkeling in Antonio. Huge size could easily cause you a serious injury gained the recognition that does... Caribbean coast in 1978 and has continued to be cautious when entering the water, the bull.! Sorry I posted in a separate forum but ca n't seem to move it secrets hidden in the..

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